Have you ever wondered what’s wrong with hunters? You look at a parking lot of cars; there is a gaggle of colors, upholstery options, and models. They all look completely different from one another. Even your humble boots, how many colors, materials, shapes? Tons! Yet you look at guns, everyone’s gun almost looks identical. Differences, if any, are minuscule. A Texas entrepreneur has the FIX for BORING!

One of the most useful and fascinating upgrades for guns is offered by Texas Made Hydrodipping. Owner, Ronnie Daffan, has brought some cutting edge technology to fancying up your gun. Further, Ronnie has been an incredibly generous donor to various hunting programs. For years I’ve looked for ways to camo guns; none worked. I’ve tried camo duct tape, film that supposedly shrinks to the gun with heat, even painting – one and all looked shabby. Ronnie’s work, on the other hand, is detailed as well as spectacular. Being a taxidermist by trade, Ronnie brings his natural attention to detail to his gun work. He is one of those great entrepreneurial American tinkerers and inventors -- always looking for a new idea to bring to market related to hunting and guns.

The coating Ronnie embeds in the gun finish is hard, durable and doesn’t peel off. I have experienced Parkerizing, bluing of all varieties, painting, epoxy coating, and more varied treatments than I can count. Ronnie’s coating is completely different, giving old guns new “zing”. Every “Made in Texas Hydrodipping” pistol we’ve put on raffle has been snapped up in a wild frenzy. Lest my article appear too limited, Ronnie can coat almost anything, from antlers to plates. Let your imagination roam.

At this last Wild Game Dinner, we had a special customized 300 Blackout tactical rifle, with all the bells and whistles. Ronnie camouflaged it for us, including the scope, laser and rings. Wow! One of the visually powerful options Ronnie offers is the gun, scope, attachments and rings can all be done in matching patterns. Ronnie just finished a personal Browning 1911 for me, as well as having done a number of pistols for the club. You’ve got to check his website for the myriad pattern options, from digital camo, animal prints, to the absolute ghoulish (dress that apocalyptic zombie killer up!). Check out his web site, and get your gun styling! http://texasmadehydrodipping.com.

CTSC is lucky: Ronnie is going to finally make our Gala in February. Be sure to drop by and talk to him. Ronnie’s shop is located at 1302 Suite 104, Weatherford Hwy, Granbury TX 76048 Phone: 817-573-4446

Article in January 2013 Central Texas Safari club Newsletter.

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